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Portraits in your own style. . .

So you're painting a portrait.

Remember when you were in art class and you painted what was in front of you?

Well this blog may help free your mind of what is strictly infront of you and paint something that reflects what is in front of you whilst still judging the sizes, features and colours.

I think I've found my own style of painting; where I look at the stand out features of that person and either blow them up or exaggerate them. I'm also exploring this type of painting with just black paint. So naturally they appear very flat, however it's just about getting those stand out features i.e. nose, eyes to really be bold and invite the audience to look.

Recently I was commissioned to paint someone’s aunt for their birthday. I really struggled because she was wearing glasses! I found myself concentrating on getting the glasses perfectly round and bold, because that was something that stood out as a main focal point.

However, after about 20 attempts I painted something I was happy enough to say “yeah, that’s it” I had painted her!

I did this by concentrating on what brought me here and making sure I understood those principles and simple lines I used. The glasses actually came quite easy by not painting them but having that outline there or thereabouts, meaning – not painting every part of the glasses. Just the main frame and not joining the arms. It helped because it gives it the impression that they aren’t the main focal point.

This blog is here to say, paint what you need to paint. What you feel and always remember to go back to the simple techniques and parts that have worked in other paintings to bring them into something you’re doing now.

Easier said than done, eh?!